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 Won the 2010 China International Outdoor & Leisure Fair Innovation Award Best functions 
— Was named the 2010 Outstanding Entrepreneur of building an innovation-oriented country 
— Chinas furniture industry in 2010 won the Environmental Award for low carbon technologies 
 China won the 2010 top ten soft bed brand furniture 
Chinas furniture industry in 2010 was awarded the top ten innovative brand of Chinas soft bed 
— Chinese consumers in 2010 was awarded the brand furniture 


 In 2009 the brand was awarded Chinas top ten healthy home 
 Guangdong Province in 2009 was awarded the Outstanding Member Award Home Association 
 2009, received Award Foshan Furniture Association conference 


 In 2008 China won the most growth of the brand furniture industry 
 ISPA in 2008 as the International Association of sleep 
 2008 through CQC quality environmental protection certification 
 By 2008, ten Central China Environmental Labeling Product Certification 


 2006 was named China Famous Brand 
2006 by the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision as A-class products



 CCTV CCTV in 2005 was named brand list
 China in 2005 was named corporate credit quality 
 2005 registered supplier to the United Nations procurement



 2004 was named China Famous
 2004 was named the outstanding green products
 2004 was named quality reliable products
 Reputation for quality in 2004 was named integrity (business) model unit
Chinese market in 2004 was named product quality, well-known consumer brands recognized the top ten
     Recognized by consumers in 2004 was named the top ten health Sleep Products
     2004 was named China Famous Brand



Address:Suxi Industrial Area, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan city, Guangdong province,China