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You must understand the big events in 2014.



You must understand the big events in 2014.

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The year 2014 will be over. Before we forget the past, we will look back on the coming year.
Or permit us to make a clearer judgement of the trend of our home industry in the coming year.

Electric business war

1  home business set off "electricity supplier" war

This year, home business "business" war intensified. Hongmei Mall, the electronic business platform of Hongxing Meikelon, was renamed Xingyijia. In March this year, Hongmei Mall moved into Tianmao, where its home continued to work hard online. The Kaoling International Trade City of Xiangjiang Group, located in Changsha, cooperated with Alibaba through the leadership of the government to build a new online + line. Below "mode. Home decoration industry e-commerce is also closely arranged: first, the Golden Mantis injection of home decoration E station, the first in the country to spread; create decoration concentration, seize the Tianmao home decoration e-commerce category "three crowns", take the lead in home decoration e-commerce lead; canoe, Dongyi Risheng also opened shop in Tianmao Platform, began e-commerce business uuuuuuuuuu ... Of course, the home industry electricity supplier to achieve more effective, but also long-term cultivation.

2 Domestic enterprises get together and queue up for listing

After the IPO restart in January this year, Dongyi Risheng successfully listed in February this year, becoming the first share of the home decoration industry, many other household enterprises are also waiting in line. In April of this year, famous enterprises such as Hongxing Meikelon, Qumei Furniture, Yazhen Furniture, Imperial Sanitary Ware, Doufang Home Textiles, Gujia Home and so on all appeared in the stock issuing documents of the official website of the SFC. However, as of December 16, the household industry only Hollywood creative home, Suzhou Kolida decoration, Zhejiang Yongyi furniture, Euro-style home group, three trees paint, Jiangsu Hengkang home again made a pre-disclosure. Securities insiders said that this meant that many companies temporarily abandoned the listing.

impose a fine

 3 The new environmental protection act is amended and passed.

On April 24, the eighth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress voted to adopt the new Environmental Protection Law, which will come into force on January 1 next year. Among the new provisions, the most striking one is the "penalty by day" system, that is, continuous penalties on a daily basis for persistent environmental violations. At the time of the implementation of the new law, local governments not only started intensive "environmental law training" for home enterprises, but also carried out large-scale testing of furniture. The new green revolution in furniture industry has begun.

4 Home decoration design fees have laws to follow

In the second half of this year, China Architectural Decoration Association promulgated the Guiding Opinion on the Design Charge Standards for Residential Decoration and Decoration Engineering (for trial implementation), which stipulated the design fees for home decoration as follows: from 100 yuan per square meter for designers; from 150 yuan per square meter for chief designers; from 300 yuan per square meter for senior designers; and from invited influential designers. 500 yuan / square meter.

5 Red Star Mei Kai Long and Jisheng Wei Bang achieve brand cooperation

In early February, Red Star Mercury, ranked No. 1 in the home circulation industry, signed an equity acquisition framework agreement with No. 3 Geisheng Weibang to acquire 100% of Geisheng Weibang for more than $2 billion. The final acquisition did not materialize, but Red Star Mercury announced in May that it would sign a license contract with Geishan Weibang. Jisheng Wei has authorized its commercial brand exclusively for a long time to empower Red Star McLean to develop new shopping malls throughout the country. At this point, Red Star Makailong dual brand strategy is becoming clearer, the future will develop "Red Star Makailong" and "Jishengweibang" home shopping mall.

Smart home

 6 IT enterprises pick up smart home acquisition tide

n early 2014, Google bought Next Labs, a maker of smart thermostats and smoke alarm systems, for $3.2 billion, officially kicking off IT companies'first foray into smart homes. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony and LG then seized the market by acquiring or developing new products. In addition to the technology giants, the home appliances giants themselves have also sought to transform, the United States, Changhong, Haier, Gree, and other start to layout smart appliances.

7 Liang Zhitian designer company was acquired

On January 24, Liang Zhitian, an internationally renowned designer, announced that his company and its subsidiaries joined Jianghe Creation Group Co., Ltd. Jianghe Establishment Group Co., Ltd. through its corporate acquisition of Liang Zhitian Designer Co., Ltd. 70% of the equity. This is not the first acquisition of a well-known home design company. Last year, Golden Mantis acquired a 75% stake in an internationally renowned HBA company.


 8 Famous furniture enterprises filed for bankruptcy protection

In June, Huayuanxuan and Fuzhi Island, once the leading furniture companies in Guangdong, suddenly exposed a financial crisis - Huayuanxuan was exposed to break the capital chain, a factory in Longgang, Shenzhen, filed for bankruptcy protection; Fuzhi Island was exposed to employees'wages more than 10 million yuan, by employees publicly demanding salaries. In addition, many well-known furniture enterprises in Shenzhen are also facing the crisis of transformation.

9 Toxic mattress event enterprises bear 40% liability

In November, the results of the first instance of a case of suspected leukemia and poisonous mattress for girls came out. The court found that the mattress was formaldehyde exceeding the standard, and ordered the bed enterprises to bear 40% of the compensation and compensate 169,000 yuan. Home safety has aroused renewed concern over toxic mattress induced leukemia.

10 Home textiles can be "sleep first and buy".

At the end of August, more than 40 leading domestic textile enterprises, such as Rolley, Fuanna, Mengjie and Mercury, jointly announced the launch of the "Bed Revolution", launching new products online, sleeping first and buying later. The so-called "sleep before buying" refers to consumers directly order to buy but do not need to pay immediately, experience satisfaction after payment. If you are not satisfied with the return, not affected by the "second sale" and other conditions constraints, even if the impact of the second sale can return, users can even wash and return the goods, without the merchant's consent.



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