Mattress softness


The softness of the mattress depends on the softness of the innerspring. In addition to the necessary stiffness for support, the springs should also have a good resilience, i.e. a good balance between rigidity and flexibility. Too hard or too soft, rebound is not ideal. Too hard mattress people lying on it is only the head, back, hips, heels of the four points to bear the pressure, the other parts of the body does not completely fall into place, the spine is actually in a stiff and tense state, not only to achieve the best rest effect, and sleep on such a mattress for a long time will also be detrimental to health. Too soft mattress, a person lying whole body sunken down, the spine for a long time in a bent state, the internal organs caused by compression, over time, the same is not conducive to health, and also not comfortable. So should choose a mattress with the right amount of soft and hard.

A good mattress not only enables a person to have a comfortable sleep, but also has great benefits for the body. Generally speaking, long-term wrong sleeping posture, especially the use of bad mattress, will make the vertebral joints produce displacement, thus stimulating the internal nerves of the spine, resulting in the gradual loss of normal function of the organs controlled by the nerves. A mattress that is too hard will not only compress the nerves in the back, but will also affect the normal circulation of blood, causing back pain and sciatic nerve pain over time.

As a result of compression and blood circulation blockage, will contribute to the human body aged, while the mattress is too soft will make the body weight is not balanced support and left hunchback and other sequelae. Therefore, a good mattress is the most urgent need for people to protect their spine.