When to change your mattress


How you feel when you wake up in the morning

If, after a night's sleep, you wake up in the morning with a feeling of discomfort, backache or back pain, you should check the mattress you are sleeping on before ruling out physical fatigue or illness. A mattress that is suitable for you will help you to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind; conversely, a mattress that is not suitable for you will affect your health in a subtle way.

-Changes in waking times

If you are waking up at a different time in the morning than you used to, e.g. you are waking up much earlier than you have done for a year, you should check your mattress to see if it is not supporting your body properly due to its longevity or quality, thus reducing the comfort level of the mattress.

-Comparison of sleep sensations

If you happen to find that the mattress you are sleeping on is more comfortable than the one you have been using when travelling, on business etc. and that you are sleeping better than you do at home, then your original mattress should be replaced early. Only a good night's sleep will lead to a healthy body.

-Mattress appearance

Check the appearance of your mattress regularly. If there are visible tears, large irrecoverable dents and stains that are difficult to remove, you should replace it with a new, suitable mattress for your sleep and, more importantly, your health.

The quality of the mattress plays a decisive role in the quality of human sleep, and a good mattress allows for a good quality of sleep.